RegoPantes provide solutions online trading of agricultural products directly from farmers to consumers at reasonable prices and quality products for all parties.

RegoPantes developed in 2018, this marketplace platform is proven to provide a reasonable price for both communities (rural and urban) and can be used by various business lines to market business products without worrying about the involvement of middlemen or intermediaries.

Social impact refers to how much a purchase you made on each product through RegoPantes will help increase the income of farmers. This is true because every transaction that you make a transaction directly with the farmers. In this way, farmers' income will increase significantly with its social impact.

RegoPantes for business is an improvement that helps your business runs well by providing fresh agricultural products directly from farmers' hand without any unnecessary intermediaries. Providing consistency in quantity and high-quality products, guaranteed by our educated farmers, but still in competitive prices yet also fair prices to the farmers

Say no to overrated price!
Through RegoPantes, buyer will get the most reasonable price and farmers will get the
fair benefits.

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